Addiction II

Lone was I before you came,

Life was dark like the starless sky,

The black clouds,

which refuse to shower,

Through the broken glass pane

Sneaked in the cruel cold wind,

Cold as January can ever get.


Then like the spring you came,

You brought blossom into it.

I saw the flowers bloom and the bird sing

You embraced me with warmth,

Of a promise to stay.

Life wasn’t the same anymore…


It always has to come,

The truth never hides forever.

Hallucination of a dream never last more than a night…

With the anguish with eloquence

I admit it.


It is real hard when the dreams fade.

When the promises made

are as fake as the mirage,

and in this truth, alone I wade.


Still don’t know what am i addicted to,

Those lonely Nights that kept me high

Or the smoke that kept me sane…

But all I know is,

I’m addicted!

It’s real hard to quit.

It’s real late to try.



This one is very old dated back to my college days, I have edited this several times since then,still I feel something is missing.

Please let me know what you feel about this.

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  1. Its beautiful.

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