Little by little

Little by little We share the Misty core of that mountain.

Its soul of enchantment.

Little by little, the darkness disappears from my life,

And fills my soul with love and light.

We dance, Spellbound.

I make love to you on the tombstone of lost moments.

When I run my fingers on you the mist watches over us.

Our lives tangled like snakes,

Beautiful like the mystic music that surrounds us.

I run my lips over yours as you run your fingers through my hair

And little by little you melt into me.

Your soul on mine and we

breath as one.

As we lay tangled together like earth and the roots.

The mist wraps us like a symphony

and the silence echoes in our love.

Little by little,

I open my eyes from the slumber ,

I find empty bottles of wine.


Ayreej Rahiman

September 2013


  1. So you are back!!!

  2. And one more thing, even after so many years, your writing style is still the same. 🙂

    I still like it.

  3. Try the fictions let me know how you find them.

  4. It’s so brilliant, I love it.

  5. Pretty awesome writing brother… Awessomee…

  6. little by little I have come to know that you have a long way to go… awesome !

  7. Really appreciable bro..gr8

  8. Way leads on to way..
    The long path awaits u…

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