lost is the time that we had together

the smile of ur cheeks

shine of ur eyes,

all are left just as memories.

good or ill,

joy or painful,

are just left as memories.

once where we met,

where a thousand of flowers,

once bloomed,

is now a desert,

where it hardly rains.

when i smell the virgin mud,

i know how much,

i once loved u.

when i see the bristle ,

on my window,

on a rainy day,

i still remember those,

good old days that i spend ,

with u.

and when the sun drowns,

itself in the golden ocean,

and when the night falls on,

i feel how much,

i miss u in my life.

how much pain is within me.

and how bad it hurts inside.

and more when i feel,

that how near u are.

but still when ,

i spread my arms for u,

you are not there…..

its all left as memories,

and wounds in the heart,

which refuse to heal,

even after the time passes

on and on and on……….

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